Estelle Gaffric Mackintosh



Estelle is passionate about osteopathy, and particularly about its holistic approach and the ways she can help restore the structure and function of the body to a state of harmony using her hands.

Estelle studied osteopathy in France and in England, and graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (UK) in 2002.

Since then, Estelle has spent time travelling around our beautiful planet, working in various countries and gaining valuable experience practicing in a variety of environments and treating a diverse range of patients of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

While she enjoys working with the whole family, Estelle has a particular interest in treating babies, children and pregnant women, and firmly believes that osteopathy has an enormous potential to help babies and mums through the trials of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

As an osteopath Estelle uses a range of gentle techniques to help reduce pain, increase mobility of joints, relieve muscular tension and enhance blood supply to tissues and to encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms. Estelle may also provide advice on lifestyle, exercise and movement.

Estelle's practice is based on the philosophy of treating the whole person, and she is able to help in many ways when a person’s function is affected by their structure, however that manifests. When the body's own healing process is overwhelmed, osteopathy is a great way to shift the blocks and reboot the system. Estelle finds it wonderful to see how restoring balance at the physical level can help restore balance in all aspects of a person’s life.

Estelle decided a number of years ago to settle down in Australia to live and practice osteopathy. Attracted by the Tasmanian bush and the local community, her young family relocated from Victoria to Hobart in 2014.

When she’s not working, you are most likely to find Estelle running after her busy twin boys. And whenever she has a spare moment she enjoys practicing yoga, cooking delicious meals, and playing with her sewing machine or knitting needles.