Sarah Pretorius

Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist

Sarah is a passionate Naturopath who is committed to meeting her patients with empathy and integrity in every stage of their healing.

After completing her Bachelor of Naturopathy in 2012, Sarah has worked in a number of apothecaries and in private practice expanding her knowledge with an open mind to discover how best to assist people navigating illness, uncertainty and disease.

Sarah enjoys elucidating the safest and most effective way to get her patients feeling their best as quickly as possible and she also understands that long term positive health can come about when all our human needs are being met. She is devoted to helping people identify where their needs are not being met and whether there are any underlying nutritional factors that may be making life difficult.  


Sarah will begin her time with you by taking a thorough case history. Sarah is interested in what motivates you and would like to help you build on the foundations and support network that you have in your life.

Sarah will follow up her case taking by creating a detailed Health Care Plan that incorporates researched and evidenced based protocols as well as traditional remedies, herbs and eating plans that are appropriate for your lifestyle and life stage. Sarah's methods are grounded in reputable, time honoured research, combining critical thinking with practical tools and a grassroots approach to herbalism.


Sarah has had success treating people with a broad range of acute and chronic clinical presentations including digestive disturbances, skin infections, acne, allergies, anxiety, depression, arthritis and metabolic syndrome. She has a particular interest in the areas of Stress Management, Mental Health, and Immune System Health.