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Dr Jason Hawrelak's Gut and Microbiome Team

Have you been suffering with long term chronic gastrointestinal issues?

Have you seen numerous health professionals and are still not getting anywhere? Do you need help to determine the underlying causes of your gut disease or dysbiosis, and assistance to get back to a place of better health?

Dr Jason Hawrelak

Dr Jason Hawrelak is considered to be one of the leading experts in the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions with natural medicines. He is a naturopath, herbalist, and nutritionist with nearly 20 years of clinical experience and a deep passion for gastrointestinal health and the gastrointestinal microbiota (the inner ecosystem). Dr Hawrelak regularly consults with patients from across Australia and overseas

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who come to him for his expertise, extensive background knowledge, and experience in treating gastrointestinal conditions. Dr Hawrelak believes in the importance of ‘food as medicine’ and an individualised approach to care. He uses a range of skills and healing modalities including dietary guidance, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle counselling to help patients achieve their health goals. To learn more about Dr Hawrelak visit his bio here.

At Goulds Natural Medicine we value prompt access to care. As Dr Jason Hawrelak is heavily booked into the future, we are delighted to offer all patients seeking his care the opportunity to consult within Dr Hawrelak's Gut and Microbiome Team.

Dr Jason Hawrelak's Gut and Microbiome Team

Dr Hawrelak's Gut and Microbiome team consists of Dr Jason Hawrelak, Dawn Whitten (Senior Partner) and Kate Rix (Senior Associate). All members of the team have been carefully selected by Dr Hawrelak. These practitioners are guided and mentored by Dr Hawrelak as needed, and he supervises the treatment of patients within the program. 

Senior Partners

Senior Partners work in a co-mentoring capacity with Dr Jason Hawrelak in his Gut and Microbiome team. They provide supervision and mentoring to Associates and Senior Associates. Senior Partners have worked closely with Dr Jason Hawrelak for many years including receiving his extensive mentoring and guidance. Senior Partners treat patients within the program independently and expertly, although they have access to Dr Hawrelak's guidance if required.


Dawn Whitten is our Senior Partner. She provides mentoring and supervision in her areas of experience including early life microbiome optimisation; women's health; thyroid health; infant and child gastrointestinal health and nutrition; pregnancy; breastfeeding and fertility. Please read here for more information about our Senior Partner Dawn Whitten.

Senior Associates


Senior Associates have completed a minimum two year mentoring period with Dr Hawrelak, and have treated a minimum of 120 patients ongoing within the program while under Dr Hawrelak's direct supervision and guidance. Senior Associates have completed all prescribed competencies, continue to receive Dr Hawrelak's regular mentoring, and have access to his expert advice whenever needed. Senior Associates care for and provide treatment to their patients on a more independent basis as they are proficient and experienced in working within Dr Hawrelak's paradigm of care and have an intricate knowledge and understanding of his treatment protocols. Please read here for information more about our Senior Associate Kate Rix.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have many questions that you wish to have answered as you decide whether to book an appointment within our Gut and Microbiome team. Please find a list of questions and answers here

Booking an appointment

We currently offer appointments from Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 7:00pm Australian Eastern time. We convert all appointments times to the local time of our patients, to ensure that our interstate and international patients know when their appointments are.

Appointments with Dr Jason Hawrelak and his Gut and Microbiome team are not available for booking online. If you would like to book an appointment in the program, or simply wish to receive further information regarding waiting periods and pricing structure, please submit our enquiry form below. Our program coordinator will respond to you within 1-2 weeks with further information. **Please ensure you have read our FAQ's before submitting your enquiry. 


Dr Jason Hawrelak's Gut and Microbiome Team
enquiry form

Appointments with Dr Jason Hawrelak's Gut and Microbiome Team are not available for booking online.

To enquire about an appointment with Dr Hawrelak or a member of his Gut and Microbiome Team please submit the form below and our bookings team will respond within 1-2 weeks.

If you would prefer not to disclose the information requested below please contact our reception team directly on +61 3 6234 4223 (option 1) or

For all other appointment bookings, please go to our Book Online page.

For all general enquiries not related to appointment booking please go to our Contact Us page.  

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