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Lesley Baker

BHSc (Comp Med), MANTA
Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist
Dr Jason Hawrelak's Gut and Microbiome Team - Associate

Lesley has been in practice as a naturopath since 2002. Over this time she has amassed extensive experience across many health conditions, and likes to support those with gastrointestinal conditions, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, genitourinary conditions, dysbiotic microbiomes of the gut, vagina, and bladder, and enjoys working with children.


Lesley’s love is for all things gastrointestinal health, being passionate about helping people break free from the often-debilitating symptoms caused by dysfunctional bowel patterns and gastrointestinal


disorders and their effect on quality of life. When she discovered Jason Hawrelaks approach to gut health and microbiome manipulation several years ago, she was very excited to implement his approach of nurturing the microbiome and addressing the underlying causes of disease without further risk to our wonderful world of microbes.

To evoke positive, long-term results, Lesley takes an extensive case history and utilises appropriate functional pathology testing, enabling her to establish the cause or origin of the disease or pattern of ill health. This ensures she can tailor a personalised specific prescription of herbal and nutritional medicine and choose the correct dietary and lifestyle changes to repair and heal the individual.


Lesley has a passion for learning, continuously updating her skills and knowledge, keeping up to date with the latest research and would also love to teach Naturopathy and Herbal medicine. Lesley believes in educating to prevent future states of dis – ease and would love to see health and nutrition taught in the school curriculum from Prep to the end of high school.

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