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Infertility affects about 12% of couples trying to conceive, and can be due to female reproductive issues, male reproductive issues, or both. Advancing age is currently the largest contributor to lowered rates of conception, and is an increasing concern as the age of starting a family increases. This does not mean older couples can’t conceive, but they do need extra support.


Understanding of a woman’s biological clock has been around for a long time, and mature women initiating a family will often seek advice and help with fertility. Men also have a really important contribution in reproductive success. While men are fertile for a much longer span of the life cycle, sperm are subject to increasing oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation as men age. This means that while sperm count may still be high, a greater proportion of sperm are damaged, defective, or of poorer quality in older Dads. This has implications not only on conception rates, but also miscarriage rates. Thankfully natural medicine has strategies to help reduce the impact of oxidative stress, and help maximise your chances of success.


Natural medicine also has a range of evidence based and traditional remedies for treating reproductive health issues (male & female), regulating the menstrual cycle, improving sperm count & quality, and treating underlying conditions that may be impacting your fertility. We take a holistic approach to your health care that looks at how all aspects of your life interact.  Patients often comment that they feel amazing while on their preconception care program, and you should! Biologically speaking, reproduction is deeply entwined with vitality. We aim to have your body at its absolute healthiest during preconception care, and provide your body with all the nutrients it needs  to create a healthy baby.


Whether you are undertaking IVF or assisted reproductive therapies, have hormonal or reproductive difficulties, or are just wanting to improve your chances of conception, we have qualified health professionals who can advise you on a program to best suit your needs.

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