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Laboratory Testing


At Goulds Natural Medicine Clinic, we treat people – not diseases. Effective treatment, however, begins with an accurate diagnosis of your condition so we can best understand the underlying causes of the disease process we are facing and how to measure success. 


Consequently, we offer a range of laboratory testing, from traditional diagnostic tests to comprehensive functional assessments. Utilising a range of testing options helps our practitioners identify the cause of your symptoms or disease and to best direct therapies. 


Diagnostic Testing 


  • Thyroid function and hormone panel 

  • Thyroid antibodies 

  • Coeliac screening 

  • Faecal multiplex PCR  

  • Full blood count 

  • Liver function  

  • Cholesterol/ lipid assessment 

  • Faecal calprotectin  


Functional Testing 


  • Breath testing (lactulose, glucose, fructose, lactose, sorbitol) 

  • Comprehensive stool analysis (DNA-based) 

  • Intestinal permeability  

  • Vitamin and mineral levels  

  • Functional liver detoxification profiles 

  • Antioxidant status 

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