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Natural Dispensary


At Goulds Natural Medicine Clinic, we stock and prescribe the highest quality natural medicines to help you achieve optimal results. Our practitioners have researched, and have years of experience, prescribing the supplements and herbal medicines offered in our natural dispensary.  



Quality, Purity & Potency 


We source our nutritional supplements from nutraceutical companies committed to the highest standards of manufacturing. Unlike many over-the-counter supplements, professional nutraceuticals use the highest quality raw materials, minimize fillers and other agents that inhibit absorption, and often use the “active form” of ingredients for optimal utilisation by the body. When attempting to achieve therapeutic results, we locate and utilise the best we can get. 


Goulds Apothecary is one of the largest herbal medicine dispensaries in Australia. Many of the herbs used in our tinctures and stocked as dried herbs are grown on our own organic farm located in the pristine environment of Southern Tasmania. To ensure the optimum strength of our herbal medicines, we grow many of the herbs ourselves; others we source primarily from dedicated organic herb growers in Tasmania and mainland Australia. We use this premium quality staring material to manufacture many of our herbal tinctures, infused oils, and creams. We source certified organic, sustainably wildcrafted, and fair-trade herbal materials as much as possible.  



Availablity & Accessibility 


We stock an extensive range of nutritional supplements and herbs, from single vitamins, minerals, and herbs to combination dietary and herbal formulations. We have an excellent range of probiotics and prebiotics and a truly extraordinary range of premium quality liquid herbal extracts - one of the largest in Australia. All of our medicines are available to our patients, and can be picked-up in person at Goulds Apothecary or mailed directly to you. Please visit us, call Goulds Natural Medicine Clinic or email us through our contact form to place your order. 

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