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Sports and Athletic Performance

Athletes of all levels from weekend warriors to elite level can benefit from sound naturopathic advice which can encompass diet, supplements, herbal medicines and lifestyle advice. The goal of our treatment is to support performance, but also assist the athlete in dealing with the physical and mental stress that can occur, and aid recovery from any injuries.


Some of the areas in which naturopathy can assist include:


  • Dietary advice during training, events and recovery

  • Choosing supplements that have scientific evidence demonstrating their efficacy

  • Supporting the body's immune and adrenal function 

  • Reducing some of the effects of intense activity such as cramps, exhaustion, and muscle pain

  • Provide advice on choosing energy/fuel sources for different types of competition


At Goulds Natural Medicine Clinic we use evidence based practices to achieve the best results for our patients. Please call us today or make a booking online.


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