We are open and available to offer you support, care and advice.

In our Apothecary and our Clinic we have made many changes including increased hygiene, physical spacing, and requiring customers and patients to wash or sanitise their hands when they enter.


We are asking anyone who has recently travelled overseas, who's come into contact with someone with COVID-19 or who has a cold or flu not to attend either the shop or the clinic but to call us instead. If you fall into any of these categories, please phone us on +61 3 6234 4223 or email us at info@gouldsnaturalmedicine.com.au and we will help you.

Our acupuncture appointments are continuing as normal, although with extra hygiene precautions taken by our practitioner Jackie, as well as by our reception team.

Naturopathy appointments are available in person and conducted over video call (telehealth). If you wish, call our reception team on +61 3 6234 4223 to talk through your options. 

Many of you may be thinking about what you can do right now to optimise your health. Perhaps you are experiencing stress, insomnia, anxiety, or a return of an existing health issue. You may simply want to stay well as you face the challenges ahead.


We understand that right now your priorities might have changed, or you may suddenly be facing financial uncertainty, meaning you don't want to commit to a full comprehensive naturopathic care approach.

For this reason, our clinic is now offering one-off phone or skype 30 minute paid appointments with our fully trained and highly skilled naturopaths. This is available to anyone, anywhere - in Tasmania, Australia or the rest of the world.

These consultations will be booked at a time that suits you, and will be an opportunity for you to discuss what is going on for you right now. Your naturopath may recommend simple dietary or lifestyle advice; herbal or nutritional medicines, or help you identify items you may have at home or can easily access, that you can use to continue to support your health.

We will continue to offer discounted rates for those with Australian government issued low income health care cards. 

For those who can pay the full fee, please do, as this supports our naturopaths to continue offering this service. Further to this, those who are in a more secure financial position are welcome to contribute any amount towards an appointment for someone else, so that we can offer this to someone who can't afford an appointment at all.

If you would like to book one of these appointments, or any other naturopathy or acupuncture appointment, visit our online booking page here: https://www.gouldsnaturalmedicine.com.au/book-online (for a short one-off naturopathy appointment, choose "Naturopathic Acute Care Appointment 30 mins" in the "Naturopathy" drop down menu) or call or email our reception team on +61 3 6234 4223 or info@gouldsnaturalmedicine.com.au

Love and warmest wishes at this challenging time, 

The Goulds Family

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 At Goulds Natural Medicine Clinic, we treat people – not diseases. Effective treatment, however, begins with an accurate diagnosis of your condition so we can best understand the underlying causes of the disease process we are facing and how to measure success.

 Goulds has existed in Hobart for over 100 years. The current Apothecary draws on this rich history combined with the latest in research. We are a naturopathic dispensary committed to providing high quality, safe, natural health care in an over-the-counter setting.

Goulds operates a ceritified organic herb farm where we grow and process a significant proportion of the herbs that are used in the dispensary. The herb farm is managed by Greg Whitten who has over 35 years experience in producing high quality herbs for medicinal use.


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